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Charles Osborne

In my youth, we could starve our way through college comfortably on the minimum wage—part time. I imagine I learned as much working as I did studying. Anyway, I miraculously claimed (eventually) the BA, MA, and PhD in Philosophy from Rhodes College at Memphis and The University of Virginia in Charlottesville, all by the sweat of my brow. For eighteen years or so, I managed platoon-sized departments or areas in discount retailing, but (unlike most of your faculty here) I do not coach business expertise in any aspect. Instead—like Socrates in ancient Athens—I go around stirring up questions about our reasoning, our experiences, our values, and our most precious assumptions. I annoy those thought to be wise, whenever possible. I question the most common delusions, not because I am so wise myself, but because I have discovered so many interesting ways of being a fool. Most annoying of all, perhaps, I incite young people (and old ones, too) into doubting and challenging the elders—a piece of cake these days. For twenty years, I have become a professional philosopher (which is really nice work, since nobody can tell whether I am working or not). During this time, I have taught at the Memphis community college, at Christian Brothers University, Dowling College at FedEx World Hub, Remington College, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (teaching, not serving), now the community college in Dyersburg, TN, and of course, Phoenix. At UOP, I joined the first class of facilitators on-ground in Memphis in 2003, and I have recently moved to the country in Kentucky. In particular, I enjoy the more advanced courses, because these classes challenge students to think and to communicate, rather than just to mock others or to memorize data. Creative forces are unleashed in courses such as this. Every answer can (and should) stand alone: unique. We speak here from our own experiences and ideals of life. Students have the chance to start what they came to college for—to throw out the old clichés (or the latest new foolishness) and to begin rebuilding our world anew for the next generation, which is just what the young people always did.

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