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Cernata Morse, PhD

Dr. Cernata C. Morse is a Consultant at Consultant Services Group and she is also an adjunct professor at several universities where she teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate level. She has worked for both federal and state governments, public school systems at the high school level, and major global corporations over the past 20 years. She is the co-author of one publication and is currently working on her first publication to be released in 2018 and currently developing content to be published in several peer review journals. She currently lecturers for several universities and professional entities, while mentoring and coaching graduate level students. Dr. Morse is passionate about impacting positive social change and one of her commitments to social change is while she climbs the ladder of success, she reaches back and extends a hand of partnership to another. Throughout her career she has demonstrated her commitment to impacting social change in every aspect of her profession. During her tenure in Fairfax County public school system she was notably impactful as she developed communities of practices and social change, while working with school administration and the superintendent of schools. Within months, she had engaged community, parents, students, and faculty with understanding the importance of developing an environment of learning where all students can be successful. As a result of her knowledge of educational programs, practices and law, she developed programs, parent sessions, student rap groups, mentoring and tutoring sessions, and faculty presentations. Her programs assisted the school with a successful graduation rate of over 90%. During Dr. Morse’s graduate studies she was one of a select few to become a peer mentor to over 20 doctoral candidates. She demonstrated her commitment to educate, engage, and enrich the lives of her peers through continual feedback, effective communication, and developing opportunities of learning and best practices to strengthen the doctoral journey of the cohort members. Her leadership improved the success rate of doctoral students by 50%. Throughout her career Dr. Morse has been the recipient of many accolades and awards. She has received two Director’s Coins of Excellence (DIA); numerous Outstanding Performance awards (Booz Allen Hamilton), and during her graduate level studies she was the recipient of the Walden University’s Presidential Scholarship Award (2012) As a native Washingtonian, Dr. Morse is mindful of her humble beginnings, and life’s challenges. She has faced and overcome many life’s challenges. She is a testament to the strength and fortitude of never allowing obstacles to determine her destiny. Dr. Morse realizes that her “ladder is greater than her past.” She is committed to impacting social change in her environment and globally, allowing her journey to be a beacon of light to those aspiring empowerment. She is enriching the lives of her current students, as well as the lives of her family as she is an example of the importance of continual education. Her believes her life is destine to “empower, educate, and enrich” the lives in her presence. As she continues to fulfill her destiny of becoming a noted authoring, highly regarded academian, lecturer, mentor, and coach she is always reminded that each day is a new day of opportunity to impact the lives of those near. Never allowing obstacles to become stumbling blocks, but they are steps to the future of success. Dr. Morse’s faith and love of family have been instrumental in her success. Dr. Morse holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA): with a specialization in Leadership degree from Walden University and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Management: with a specialization in Leadership and Organizational Change from Walden University.

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Journal of Leadership Studies-Symposium Piece-Relational Leadership: Perspectives of Key Constructs on Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Equity in Higher Education

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American Psychological Association Conference-Utilizing Clinical Hypnotherapeutic Intervention with CBT to Treat Pandemic-Aug. 13-2021 Symptomology

ILA Conference Geneva Switzerland 2021
Presenter -Topic-"The Stress Arc in Leadership and 3 Powerful Disciplines for Mitigating Major Stress Impacts in a New Era"-Upcoming
Presenter -Topic-“Improving Higher Education’s Role in Diversity and Social Equity through Relational Leadership in the New Era”-Upcoming
Presenter-Topic-"Healthcare Leadership-Using Virtuous Leadership in Chaos to Reimagine Beneficial Practices of Employee Cognitive Psychology"-Upcoming
2021-Knowledge Without Boundaries National Summit-College of Doctoral Studies Research Conference-University of Phoenix-Panel Discussion-"Exploring Emergent Trends in Leadership and Education"-Based on published symposia article from the Journal of Leadership Studies-


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