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Carman Kelsey-Jenkins, EdD

I have been a professional educator since graduating from the University of California in San Diego in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts and a teaching certificate from the United States International University in 1974. For 26 years I taught students from early childhood through college level in both California and Texas. In 1997, I received a Masters of Arts in Education specializing in the diverse learner from the University of Phoenix. Upon completion of my MA, I obtained mid-management certification from the University of Texas at El Paso. As a public school administrator for eight years, I supervised teachers and evaluated programs at the middle school, early childhood, and elementary levels, recommending and implementing changes for student academic success. In 2003, I earned my doctorate in Educational Leadership and Foundations from the University of Texas in El Paso. Since March, 2009, I have worked with adults learners at the University of Phoenix as a facilitator for the School of Advanced Studies. I currently facilitate CUR/711, CUR/731, CUR/732, EDU/705, EDU/724, DOC/722, DOC/733, DOC/734, DOC/736, DOC/737, DOC/710R, and DOC/740R. In addition, I am a doctoral chair for six University of Phoenix doctoral learners and serve as a committee member on six doctoral committees. I serve as a Quality Review of Research Methods (QRM) reviewer with the University of Phoenix, and an Editorial Reviewer for The Academic Forum. I served as a Subject Area Expert for the University of Phoenix in the revisions of EDU/724 and currently work with the College of Education as a University Supervisor in the ADM program. Research includes a journal article on Writing Competency: The Skill Everyone Needs in Online Coursework presented at The Academic Forum December, 2012 Winter Conference and Online Faculty Performance Reviews: How Are We Doing? presented at the Academic Forum March, 2014 Spring Conference and published in The Exchange (2014, November) Volume 3, Number 1, ISSRN 2325-4181 Online.

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