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Bethany K. Mickahail, PhD, FRSA

Dr. Bethany K. Mickahail, PhD, FRSA is a Senior Researcher and Dissertation Advisor with the School of Advanced Studies (SAS) and the Center for Organizational Change (COR) at the University of Phoenix, and a Dissertation Chair & Methodologist in the DBA program, Walden University. She has provided learning opportunities to students as a dissertation advisor, staff developer-trainer, district wide program coordinator, ESL teacher, college educator and United Nations researcher, for nearly three decades. She is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Systems/Educational/ Organizational Change, Diversity, Education, Leadership, Disability, Public Policy and Research Methods. Dr. Mickahail has written course content for universities/public schools and is published in textbooks, and peer reviewed journals, Her education includes degrees from the University of Hawaii, (a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics & TESL), the School of International & Public Affairs at Columbia University (a Masters of International Affairs and Communications); and a Doctorate in Education, Leadership & Public Policy from the University of Denver. Recently, she was honored to join the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA) in London as a Fellow, where she contributes her efforts to social justice issues. Dr. Bethany’s research focus is on issues related to innovative community based disability program policy, micro business development, training and systems change in California. As a graduate educator and dissertation adviser, she is a Senior Fellow and a member of the Center for Organizational Research at the University of Phoenix. At the Center, she is pursuing international research on Innovation, Creative Leadership and Design Thinking, Human/Person Centered Design strategies and beyond. For more details see LinkedIn An award winning author and presenter, Dr. Bethany frequently speaks to groups about innovation, Design Thinking and research as well as disability, change, policy development and practical implementation. She served as a member of a California Blue Ribbon state legislative subcommittee. Her research on Capturing the Essence of Change and new research model Praxis Documentation Aesthetic & Interpretation (PDAI), inspires parents, educators, researchers and policy-making groups to be relentless in their advocacy efforts to improve society. As a global traveler, societal praxis poet-pioneer, and cultural connoisseur, Dr. Bethany enjoys singing and exploring nature with her husband and children. Read more at Dr. Mickahail's Design Thinking blog at For more information about the new innovative PDAI research model see Alumni Columbia Bookstore and Amazon

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