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Anna Copeland-Wheatley, PhD

I am at heart an entrepreneur and educator. After earning my PhD in English, I co-founded a magazine, AlleyCat News, here in New York in 1995. It covered the first generation of high-tech entrepreneurs and venture capital. For the past decade or so, I have been teaching with the University of Phoenix and other institutions online and on-ground. In 2017, I joined the University of Phoenix full-time as a Faculty Development Chair serving various campuses in throughout the East. What attracts me to teaching at UOPX are the students: educationally and ethnically diverse populations interested in taking their college experience directly into the real world as they figure out how to identify and meet their own goals.  For instance, I teach a class in business communications at the University of Phoenix ground campus in Jersey City. The syllabus is very basic. I redesigned it to be a “How to Succeed in Business” class. We work hands-on writing resumes, cover letters, researching and matching skills to opportunities. Most important, we explore near-term and long-term trends in the business sector. At its core, all my teaching is directed toward clear communication, critical thinking outside of the classroom, and strategies for absorbing and responding to a world that is defined by hyper-reinvention. Hyper-reinvention is also the heart of my scholarly interests. Whether writing and editing for OMNI Magazine in the early 1990s or AlleyCat News, my interest in innovation and entrepreneurship has been a driving factor in my publishing and consulting work. Former ventures include creating a newsletter for the Berkeley Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at NYU Stern, developing an courses for a certificate program in entrepreneurship for UAB, and providing support to UOPX doctoral students at the Jersey City Research Club.

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