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Andre Meyers, Doctorate Student

I was born in the city of Dixieland Jazz, Mardi Gras, and Cajun cuisine, New Orleans (Nawlins) Louisiana. I have been a teacher since 1996 in various states around the nation. I acquired a Bachelor of Science in Occupational and Technical Studies with an emphasis in Technology Education at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia after serving twenty years in the United States Navy. I am a certified teacher in the State of Florida, grades 6-12 in the area of Technology Education. I began my teaching career at Crestwood Middle School which is located in Chesapeake, Virginia. In 1999, I acquired a Master of Science degree in Computer Science at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida. In 1997 after takinga vacation to Florida and loving every minute of the warm, sunny beaches and as well as the manicured golf courses convinced me to move to the paradise.I taught for ten years in the Miami-Dade Public School System. My last teaching assignment in the Miami-Dade Public School system was at Booker T. Washington High School I serving as the lead teacher and was instrumental in the development of the curriculum and the course alignment for the School’s Aerospace Technology and Engineering Academy. In 2005 I moved to Broward County Public School System to get closer to home. I am presently teaching in a magnet programwhich I amthe school’s vocational chairperson and the program manager for the robotics, pathway to engineering, and video game design/simulation and animation programs. I am also responsible for the coordination/liaison with the corporate sponsor, Motorola, and the school’s traveling USFIRST robotic team at Dillard High School located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I actually acquired my master degree through distance (online) learning.At first, the online format was very challenging requiring self-direction and discipline. I bring the experience of completing a previous graduate degree and knowing what is expected of a student in this environment. It is a very demanding but flexible environment. I expect this program to challenge me as a person and equally as a professional. The most challenging part of this program will demand me to focus on a purpose through research and writing; how and where do I want to make a significant change in education? I decided to return to school and engage myself in an EDD program to prepare for administration and to be challenged as a professional. The State of Florida requires that you have a Masters Degree or EDD in Educational Leadership. In addition, this is for my professional growth to further my education and to help me grow as a teacher. Being a teacher has been a very rewarding career for me. The twenty years in the military have prepared me for leadership: experience in a mission related environment and great interpersonal skills which I strongly feel are qualities needed to be an effective leader. My goal is to be a principal or a superintendent of a small independent school district.

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Journal of Leadership Studies-Symposium Piece-Relational Leadership: Perspectives of Key Constructs on Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Equity in Higher Education

Psychology Today
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American Psychological Association Conference-Utilizing Clinical Hypnotherapeutic Intervention with CBT to Treat Pandemic-Aug. 13-2021 Symptomology

ILA Conference Geneva Switzerland 2021
Presenter -Topic-"The Stress Arc in Leadership and 3 Powerful Disciplines for Mitigating Major Stress Impacts in a New Era"-Upcoming
Presenter -Topic-“Improving Higher Education’s Role in Diversity and Social Equity through Relational Leadership in the New Era”-Upcoming
Presenter-Topic-"Healthcare Leadership-Using Virtuous Leadership in Chaos to Reimagine Beneficial Practices of Employee Cognitive Psychology"-Upcoming
2021-Knowledge Without Boundaries National Summit-College of Doctoral Studies Research Conference-University of Phoenix-Panel Discussion-"Exploring Emergent Trends in Leadership and Education"-Based on published symposia article from the Journal of Leadership Studies-


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