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Alverna M. Champion, MA, MBA, PhD

I grew up in southwest Louisiana and attended school in New Orleans where I earned a BA from Dillard University; on to Wellesley College where I earned an MA then to Ann Arbor where I acquired a Ph.D. and an MBA from The University of Michigan. I retired from Grand Valley State University; Grand Rapids, Michigan after teaching mathematics and statistics for many years. Now that I have returned to my roots, I just love getting reacquainted with so many old friends while at the same time making lots of new ones. Even though retired, I took a position overseeing the virtual learning program in the Lafayette Parish School System. In the evenings, I teach at the University of Phoenix. Sometimes I am so very tired that I feel I can't go a step farther as I scurry off to meet my class. However, once I get into the class and start working with my students, answering questions, and providing feedback the tiredness just dissipates. I have been teaching at our local UoPX campus for six years, and this is my third year with UoPX School of Advanced Studies. Plants, flowers, and gardening are my passions. Heirloom tomatoes steal my heart every summer. I enjoy traveling. I spent my most recent vacation in China: sightseeing, enjoying Opera, having tea at a Buddhist Temple and visiting several manufacturing sites.

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