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Alice Edwards, MBA, PhD Candidate

I help clients quantify the benefits their products/services deliver in ways that are meaningful to improving end user experience & gaining academic/scientific credibility. I help clients understand the P7010 Ethical Design Standard. I integrate evidence-based product design utilizing minimum viable data sets into Agile product development through pilot research projects outside of clinical trials. I also support clients in developing, applying, & performing projects with government grants. I also work with a team of other consultants and staff to support clients with operating and managing businesses, as well as supporting business operations with third-party product development, or product assessment, auditing, or evaluation. One of our specialties with my history as a startup CFO and controller is in developing business plans and financial models and in developing and managing clean Quickbooks for month-to-month timely and accurate financial reporting to help guide business strategy. Have a problem or question? If one of the organizations I am a part of can't help you, it's likely I can direct you to some other great resources and I'm happy to do so. My particular areas of focus include (but are not limited to): Digital Health, AI/IS, diversity, inclusion, belonging, ethics, research, evaluation & assessment, virtual CFO, auditing, and bookkeeping, nonprofit setup, grant writing, HR and leadership training, Corporate Social Responsibility, UN Sustainability and Development Goals (SDGs), P7010 AI/IS Ethics and Measuring Wellbeing). I am particularly passionate about supporting workplace challenges that prevent employees being happy and productive, mental health/suicide prevention, and the future of technology and its' ability to reduce health disparities. I enjoy working on projects in digital health and/or organizational systems where I can apply translational psychological science and/or applied science principles, often in conjunction with business management theories and systems evaluation and development. I also volunteer and advocate for those with mental health challenges and reducing adverse effects across the lifecycle, especially related to ADHD, suicide prevention. Currently working on several projects that relate to improving mental health and upstream methods of preventing suicide using technology, as well as program evaluation and assessment research projects. Also completing my Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with a focus on research and evaluation.

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School of Advanced Studies