Getting Research Ready - First Steps

Here are some tips that might help with writing when there seems to be no time available. 

Preparing a Successful Practitioner Publication Submission

Not unlike academic or theory-based journals that often rely on publishing a variety of research studies that can off

Food for Thought

As dissertation Chairs, when we read a student's proposal, how often do we sit back and ask " How can I help this per

Writing Your Research Proposal

Research Center Chair Mansureh Kebritchi, Ph.D., shares her advice on writing a high-quality research proposal, which can lead to a higher-quality research project in time.

Middle School Content Area Teacher Perceptions, Attitudes, Beliefs and Implementation of Writing Activities

Terri-Jo Brodeur
Program of study: 
The qualitative phenomenological study explored the lived experiences as represented in teacher perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, and actual implementation of writing assignments in all content area cl
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