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Opportunity Knocks - Now is the Time for Women Candidates

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation has just released a report:  Opportunity Knocks - Now is the Time for Women Candidates.  The biggest challenge facing women noted in the report:  "...even in 2017, it remains a challenge for women to prove they are strong leaders and can get results (p. 5)."

How might we as women and leadership scholars help?  

A Visit to the Leuven Grand Beguinage - October 12, 2017

Dr. Lynne Devnew recounts her experiences at the Leuven Grand Beguinage.

1st Women and Leadership Transatlantic Dialogue Brussels, Belgium – October 11, 2017

Dr. Lynne Devnew talks about the transatlantic Women and Leadership dialogue.

Stories of an SPL Connector

As I wrote a recent post titled “Scholar-Practitioner-Leaders as Connectors,” I reflected on my current connector activities and thought you might enjoy hearing of them.


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