Georgia STEM Certification and School Growth Performance: A Causal Comparative Study

Project Description: 

The AdvancEd STEM Certification process and Student Growth Model have been developed and implemented less than two years ago in Georgia to address the lack of focus and accountability on STEM education in Georgia. The research problem for this study is that with these recent reform efforts, little is known about how the AdvancED STEM certification process influences School Growth Scores.

The Relationships between Professional Development for Elementary Teachers and Student Achievement in Science

Project Lead: 
Michael Green
Project Description: 

America is facing a crisis in filling future Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) related jobs important to maintaining global leadership in education and industry. K-12 student science achievement in the United States is below expectations. Elementary science education is of particular concern because early foundational science understanding is important for later interest and success in STEM disciplines. Among the challenges impacting the quality of elementary science education are inadequate teacher training, content knowledge, and science efficacy.

Influence of eLearning STEM Mobile Lab program on fifth grade students’ STEM interest: Teachers' Perspectives

Project Description: 

A school district in Central Florida has implemented a STEM Mobile Lab that aims to create excitement and engage students in STEM education. The program is designed to provide positive STEM learning experiences for students to promote a greater interest in STEM-related careers. The research problem for this study is the lack student science knowledge and interest in STEM-related careers.

The Role of Administrators in the Collaboration of Math and Science Teachers

Benjamin Stewart Johnson
Program of study: 
The purpose of this qualitative case study was to fill the gap in research about the role of the administrator in supporting and sustaining effective math and science teacher collaboration.


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