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Descriptions of Online Learning Experiences in Female‐Authored Social Media

Project Lead: 
Debbie Ritter-Williams
Project Description: 

The proliferation of online education has prompted multiple studies about how virtual learning occurs and how subgroups of students are advantaged and disadvantaged in online learning situations. In parallel with studies about online education, researchers have studied how people communicate online using social media.

Book Chapter by CEITR Researchers Drs. Nunn, Brown-Joseph, and Susberry Hill Featured in New Book about Culture, Learning, and Technology Published by Routledge

Recently, CEITR Researchers Dr. Sandra Nunn, Dr. Lequisha Brown Joseph, and Dr.

What Educational Leaders Should Know about Social Media, Collaboration, and Doctoral Learning

Short Description

A diminutive amount of research can be found about how or why doctoral students use social media to enhance their Personal Learning Network (PLN) and learning environmental designs. The purpose of this qualitative research study was to explore through content analysis both the views and experiences of a group of doctoral students using Facebook. Leaders will gain useful information and insight into the impact of social media on teaching, research, culture, and learning environmental designs.


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