Thought Leadership as a Pedagogical Approach – The CEITR Model

Thought leadership provides a useful lens for evaluating the significance of CEITR projects for both the University of Phoenix and the community of scholars. 

Identifying Scholarship

The term scholarship is applied to distinct and interrelated concepts, such as scholarly skills, engagement, activities, processes, or outcomes.   Each of these applications merits discussion.  Here we will focus on what scholarship is, as a measurable outcome. Below are common criteria and skills used to demonstrate if work aligns to a scholarship outcome.  These were compiled from the sources listed at the bottom of this page. 

Faculty Questions About Research Centers and Engaging in Scholarship

In May, Central Florida’s UOPX campus recently held a General Faculty Meeting for online and ground faculty members that live in the “footprint” of the campus. This blog answers questions that were submitted during this event.


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