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Where to Start: Affiliate Resources

As an Affiliate, there are a number of ways to advance your research interests and scholarly engagement.

Knowing where to start can be confusing. Do you want to conduct new research? Are you interested in collaborating? Need to brainstorm with colleagues?  Here are some ways Affiliates, Fellows, Faculty, and Alumni may connect with opportunities to advance your research ideas into engaged scholarship.

Developing Your Research Topic

Research Fellow LauraAnn Migliore, Ph.D. shares her personal experiences to demonstrate the steps needed to refine your selected research topic.

Boyer’s Series: How the Domains Grow Your Scholarship

In the last of the three-part Boyer’s Series, we reflect on how to integrate the Boyer’s model into your research and scholarship agenda and grow your professional development.

My Diploma on the Wall... Now What?

Alumnus and Researcher Dr. Jim Rice discusses his experiences in continuing research after completing his degree with the School of Advanced Studies. 

Research Agenda Setting to Popular Yoga Poses

Senior Research Fellow Dr. Erik Bean compares the many ways in which setting a research agenda is similar to beginning a yoga practice. Beginners welcome!

Boyer’s Series: Identifying Scholarship in Action

In this second in the series on Boyer’s Model of Scholarship learn about what ongoing scholarship means to universities and faculty and how the scholarship activities faculty engage in align with the four domains.

Tips for Preparing a Successful Research

Blog tips represent a consensus from several experienced researchers. We hope the following tips are helpful for CEITR affiliates for preparing successful research and manuscripts for publication.

Boyer’s Series: Introduction to Boyer’s Model

In the first of a series on Boyer’s Model of Scholarship in SAS, we present the importance of understanding Boyer’s Model for SAS Faculty and a brief review of Boyer’s Domains of Scholarship.

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