Not All Publishing Venues Are Created Equal: Understanding Vanity Presses

Learn more about vanity presses, self-publishing, and related pitfalls from Program Dean for the School of Advanced Studies Diane Gavin, Ph.D.

Writing Well for Scholarly Publications and Dissertations

Tips and advice on scholarly writing from Program Dean Diane Gavin, Ph.D.

Writing a Literature Review for Publication

Review our guidance for writing a literature review for publication, from Assistant Program Dean for Research, Dr. Paula Wolfe.


A workshop to lead faculty through the process of getting their research published.


Jersey City Campus

Identifying the Right Places to Publish Your Scholarly Work

The number of articles published in likely predatory outlets increased eight-fold between 2010 and 2014. Review our tips for avoiding predatory journals.

The Research Process Blog - Publishing Research

Publishing Your Research

This section focuses on strategies and resources to help University-affiliated researchers be selected for publication in reputable journals. 

Helpful Tips for Publishing Your Manuscript

This is the final in a four-part series. Use the links below to view the rest of the series:

How to Add Your Publication to Your Research Hub Profile

In addition to completing your research project, you’ve

How to Prepare a Successful Manuscript for Publication

This is the third in a four-part series. Use the links below to view the rest of the series:


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