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Events below are hosted in part or whole by the Office of Scholarship Support (OSS) staff and are intended to support faculty scholarship. . 

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Preparing Faculty For Scholarship

This page is dedicated to helping clarify how scholarship is defined and the pragmatic application of research and scholarly endeavors utilizing Boyer's domains within the institution.

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Other Valuable Resources:

General Research Grant

General Research Grant


"Further knowledge in your discipline"

Research Funding Overview

Research Funding Overview

If you are starting your research and looking for research grants, the University provides several funding options. You may already be engaged in research and innovation as part of your academic or professional role. If you publish or present as an affiliate of the University of Phoenix, you can apply for a funding award.  

Teaching and Learning Research Fellowship

Teaching and Learning Research Fellowship Program


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The Research Hub Resources section on the Hub is designed to share and store resources relevant to faculty and student research efforts, agnostic of a research center. If there is a resource you need, reach out to to start the conversation (or ask your peers using the forums!). This is a group section of the site, so don't forget to join using the Group Option on the section's homepage. 


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