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The Courage to Connect: Axial Coding in Grounded Theory and Current Stigma Research

I have been working on my current grounded theory (GT) study regarding the experience of stigma for 15 women diagnose

New Research Resource

Hi, everyone,

A new resource for current health and mental health research has developed. Click on the link here to explore more.




What is Health? Expanding the Paradigm

Explore an expanded meaning of the word "health," and learn more about the updated mission and vision for the Center for Health Engineering Research.

September is Suicide Prevention Month: College Students at Risk, Louise Underdahl, Ph.D., MPA, MSLS

Suicide Prevention Month: College Students at Risk

Center Research Agenda

The Center for Health and Nursing Research supports student and faculty research that explores and promotes the full spectrum of physical, mental, and social well-being in the following ways:

  1. Promoting health and nursing scholarship regarding the design, delivery, and access to healthcare.


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