Industrial Organizational Psychology (I/O)

Human Resources Analytics in the Workplace

Human resources analytics are a compilation of techniques used to analyze and collect data pertaining to different aspects of the workplace in order to make informed decisions and predictions based on calculations from the data collected (Dlomu & Spears, 2015). These techniques act like a research project from the development of a research design and research questions, to using the correct data collection method and statistics (Levenson, 2005).

Cross-Cultural Cross-Generational Issues

The topic for this month in the I-O Psychology Blog is dealing with cross-cultural cross-generational issues in the w

Should Appraisal Reviews Go Away?

I recently read an article about getting rid of performance appraisals.  Honestly, I d

New IO Student Bloggers

A new group of IO Students have joined the I/O CWDR Blogging team.


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