Renal Cell Carcinoma: Raising Awareness through Experience, Education, Early Detection, and Advocacy. A Survivor’s Autobiography Case Study

Study was recently published:

Castillo, G.A. (2018, June). Renal Cell Carcinoma: Raising Awareness through Experience: A Survivor’s Autobiography Case Study. International Journal of Novel Research in Healthcare and Nursing, 5(2), 126-134. Retrieved from


Where's My Health Insurance?


WE RISE! An Interview with Distinguished Alumni of the Year: Nurse, Mona Clayton

In August, Mona Clayton, MSN, RN, received the University of Phoenix Distinguished Alumni Award for her work in recruiting nearly 100, 000 future nurses through innovation in publishing and business design. Mona was 1 of 15 selected from 92,000 applicants for this prestigious award. A visionary, advocate, educator and practitioner, I am delighted to share an interview with "Nurse Mona" on behalf of CHER. 

What is Health? Expanding the Paradigm

Explore an expanded meaning of the word "health," and learn more about the updated mission and vision for the Center for Health Engineering Research.

Launching Ideas: Mental Health and Psychological Well-being SIG

Welcome to the SIG for Mental Health and Psychological Well-being Research Community Forum

Please use this forum as an opportunity to introduce yourself and to share, develop and suggest potential research ideas. 


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