Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Research Agenda

Recent research in entrepreneurial ecosystems views entrepreneurs as the main actors within the systems of institutions and infrastructures.   Focusing on the digital economy, this Center is interested in investigating how digitalization, i.e., leveraging the use of Internet technologies, has enabled entrepreneurs to operate beyond endowment of factors within a region.  We are interested in understanding how entrepreneurs in regions faced with depopulation, e.g., inner cities, or unfavourable endowment of factors can leverage the use of digital technologies and their digital infrastructures to start, grow, and sustain their businesses.  First, access to Internet is a requirement to become a participant in the digital economy.  Second, digital skills are essential to leverage digital technologies to engage in entrepreneurship in digital business.  Third, governance of digital ecosystem impacts entrepreneurs’ ability to compete in the digital economy.  Do regions faced with depopulation or unfavourable endowment of factors also fall behind in these three dimensions?  

Catalyzing Cross-Generational Entrepreneurship

Neuroentrepreneurship: REALLY Exploring the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Norris Kruger, a member of the Center for Managment and Entrrepreneurship, has edited the new Handbook of Research methodologies and Design in Neuroentrepreneurship.

Catalyzing Cross-Generational Entrepreneurship to Foster Economic Growth, Employ Youth, and Optimize Retirees’ Experience

Solving economic, education, health, and social dilemmas begins by providing opportunities for older and younger generations with common interests to collaborate.  Tapping the power of cross-generational experience catalyzes individual engagement and organizational growth.  Substituting experiential doing then learning for process-based designs represents a new frontier for entrepreneurship research.


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