WE RISE! An Interview with Distinguished Alumni of the Year: Nurse, Mona Clayton

In August, Mona Clayton, MSN, RN, received the University of Phoenix Distinguished Alumni Award for her work in recruiting nearly 100, 000 future nurses through innovation in publishing and business design. Mona was 1 of 15 selected from 92,000 applicants for this prestigious award. A visionary, advocate, educator and practitioner, I am delighted to share an interview with "Nurse Mona" on behalf of CHER. 


     During the seventies and eighties, no place in the world was more synonymous with death, destruction and misery

Understanding and Supporting Female Business Leaders in War-Torn Ukraine

Dr. John Johnson, 2014 Fellow, discusses his inspiration and experiences surrounding researching Ukraine women in business.

What exactly is a Global Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

In the entrepreneurship research arena, ecosystem is the buzz word. From AOM conference to GW October Entrepreneurship Week, everyone is talking about ecosystem. What exactly is it? Forget about the many definitions. Exactly how is it an "ecosystem" as described in biology (very simply living and non-living things interacting) work within entrepreneurship context? Let's just pick one of the institution variables, a non-living variable of say tax laws. How do tax laws interact with an entrepreneur exactly?


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