Educational technology

Digital textbooks continue to hold the potential to revolutionize the dissemination of knowledge to anyone, anywhere. The understanding needed to reach a new digital paradigm includes tools that are consistent with the needs of a new generation of educato

Use of Computer Technology in Rural Public Schools to Enhance Educational Outcomes

Project Lead: 
Sandra Nunn
Project Description: 

Research reveals that US-based public schools suffer from a lack of productivity as demonstrated by decreased academic achievement and graduation rates.  While computer technology constitutes the primary resource for K-12 students, the lack of computer technology is even more pronounced in rural public schools because of limited computer resources and broadband infrastructure deficiencies.  This digital divide affects learners who lack access to computer technology.

CEITR Research Team Wins McJulien Scholar Best Paper Award at AECT

On June 16, 2016, three researchers with the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR) wer

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