How Female Students Describe Their Online Learning Experiences Using Social Media

Project Lead: 
Debbie Ritter-Williams
Project Description: 

The purpose of the qualitative content analysis study is to explore the descriptions of online learning offered by female students via social media platforms. Research show that virtual classrooms seem particularly beneficial for female students, social media messages could be a powerful force in persuading women students to pursue education online.

Indigenous Language Revitalization using Technology and Pedagogy

This blog explores the revitalization of indigenous languages using technology and best practices in pedagogy.

Assistant Principals' Lived Experiences with Managerial Skills Needed for Promotion: A Phenomenological Study

Melnice Flowers
Program of study: 
The purpose of this qualitative, phenomenological study was to explore the lived experiences of assistant principals in what they deem to be the needed managerial skills for promotion to campus princi


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