Selecting Dissertation Committees

Selecting Your Dissertation Committee

How to Select Dissertation Committees by Dr. Bill Beck and Dr. Diane Gavin

Best Practices for Selecting Dissertation Chairpersons and Committees by Dr. Rob Olding and Dr. Diane Gavin

Literature Review

Literature Review

Dr. Aaron Coe, Dr. Diane Gavin, and Dr. Rob Olding discuss literature reviews as part of the dissertation process.

Dissertation Topic and Alignment

Dissertation Topic and Alignment

Aligning the Dissertation Topic

The Meaning of Aligning the Dissertation Topic

Passion Related to Dissertation Topic

The Dissertation and Research Based on Leadership

Dissertation Chapter Alignment by Dr. Rob Olding and Dr. Diane Gavin

Dissertation Videos

Dissertation Video Resources

General Dissertation Discussion - Video 1

General Dissertation Discussion - Video 2

Dissertation Q and A Discussion


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