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Five Tips for Making the Most of Your Dissertation Committee

I was fortunate to have had Dr. John Creswell as my dissertation advisor. He was instructive on how to form a committee that “works.” By that, he meant that the committee works for the topic, works as a functional and integrated group, and works to aid the doctoral candidate in developing and improving as a scholar/practitioner/leader.

How to Be a Quality Dissertation Chair

Chairing a doctoral dissertation is a very rewarding and challenging mission. Doctoral dissertation chairs guide doctorate candidates through the last stage of their higher education and toward the completion of their journey. To successfully fulfill such a mission, a chair plays multiple roles.

How to Select the Right Dissertation Chair

As a doctoral student in the School for Advance Studies at the University of Phoenix, there are three particularly cr

Selecting Dissertation Committees

Selecting Your Dissertation Committee

How to Select Dissertation Committees by Dr. Bill Beck and Dr. Diane Gavin

Best Practices for Selecting Dissertation Chairpersons and Committees by Dr. Rob Olding and Dr. Diane Gavin

Literature Review

Literature Review

Dr. Aaron Coe, Dr. Diane Gavin, and Dr. Rob Olding discuss literature reviews as part of the dissertation process.

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