Prudence to Achieve Doctoral Success: An Interview with UOPX Alum Dr. Rheanna Reed

By LauraAnn Migliore, Ph.D.

Data: The good, the Bad, and the Ugly Making Sense of it All

As part of your dissertation study, data is needed. But how do you go about collecting data? Once you start collecting data, how do you organizae the information so that the data makes sense later on? Hear tips and tricks of organizing and analyzing data that will make sense for your research study.

Case Study Methodology & Design: A Scholar-Practitioner Perspective

Case Study Methodology & Design: A Scholar-Practitioner Perspective has been developed to inform researchers and students who may be interested in pursuing case study design for future research projects. As a management consultant, Dr. Mather uses the case study approach when working with new large, organizational clients who are attempting to implement a large-scale organizational change project.

Faculty Questions About Research Centers and Engaging in Scholarship

In May, Central Florida’s UOPX campus recently held a General Faculty Meeting for online and ground faculty members that live in the “footprint” of the campus. This blog answers questions that were submitted during this event.


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