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Corporate Implementation of Design Thinking for Innovation and Economic Growth

Numerous studies have been conducted on changing corporate culture over the last two decades. However, even as the need for change is recognized, the question arises how strategic decisions are made in order to have transformative alterations in corporate management to promote new innovative products and resources. Most levels of thriving innovative corporations aim to immerse their employees in DT principles and implementation, for enduring positive change.

Using the Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit

To gain or maintain success in their programs, academic institutions constantly strive to provide various avenues to create opportunities for students, no matter the age, to become better educated.


In recent years as the global economy recovers from the Great Recession, more and more companies seek to have the uniqueness of product development and subsequent growth that Apple, HP, Google and others embody. The legendary successes of these Design Driven companies demonstrate that their products can replace the outdated products, expand existing markets, and create new one opportunities for growth.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is alive and well at the Center for Workplace Diversity Research’s Design Thinking research group!


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