Decision Making

Ethics and Health Care Administrators’ Decision Making: A Qualitative Symphonological Grounded Theory Study​

The presentation documented was based on the primary author's grounded theory based dissertation that developed a theory for understanding the role played by ethical considerations within the context of health care administrators’ decision- making processes. A new substantive theory emerged from the study that bridged a gap in the literature - a symphonological , bioethical framework for assisting health care administrators in their decision- making process.

Administrators' Perceptions of Educator Ethical Decision Making

Project Lead: 
Cheryl Burleigh
Project Description: 

The specific topic will address what administrators observe and awareness of the processes in which faculty at their school site employ ethics in decision making throughout the school day including communication with students, parents, staff, and the school community.  

The study will also explore administrators’  perceptions if an ethical climate exists within the school site, how do teachers report issues that may be of ethical concerns for possible investigation, and training and conduct-what is and is not being done at the school site or within the school district.

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