How Communities Use Data, Apps and Tracking: Technology Impact on Solid Waste Operations

This sessionfocused on how technology is changing the way the solid waste and recycling industry measures progress and communicates about recycling contamination.  From set out rates to routing to neighborhood targeted communication, technology allows the industry to be more effective.  Tjhe presentation discussed how the /city of Charlotte is using technology and apps to advance solid waste managment and community participation in recycling, reporting and other programs.

Data: The good, the Bad, and the Ugly Making Sense of it All

As part of your dissertation study, data is needed. But how do you go about collecting data? Once you start collecting data, how do you organizae the information so that the data makes sense later on? Hear tips and tricks of organizing and analyzing data that will make sense for your research study.

Brexit Impact on the EU Data Privacy Shield

As businesses seek to understand the implications of the Brexit vote, both in the near-term and long-term, it is inte

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