Healthcare Cybersecurity & Risk Management (Kaleida)

I presented at a workshop on Healthcare Information ANalytics, Data Management, and Information Security. Attendees were from Kaleida.  Other presenters were leaders working in data science and governance intitatives.  

Topics included: Data and Analytics, Analytics and Data Science Initiatives, Data Governance, and my presentation on the 2017 & 2018 Healthcare Information Security Outlook.  My presentation focused on three themes:

Building a Healthcare Cybersecurity Program (Northwell)

Workshop on the creation and governance of a healthcare cyber security practice given at the Northwell Healthcare Sync Up. 

Below is praise for the workshop from the Northwell organizer:

"Thank you for facilitating the workshop last week at Northwell. Both Ken and Deb were very impressed with your insights and knowledge.  They are both new directors at Northwell and to the healthcare. They both appreciated the opportunity to step back from day to day details of their jobs, look at the big picture, and make actionable plans for the business."

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