Prudent MEAL Deal Leads to Effective Communication

Prudent MEAL Deal Leads to Effective Communication

By LauraAnn Migliore, Ph.D.

Giving Students a Voice at the Table: An Entertaining Lesson on the Art of Conversation

How do community college students learn to express their ideas and make recommendations to managers and leaders in a collaborative setting?  They learn the “art of the conversation” by participating in an interactive workshop designed as a mock “dinner party.”  The purpose of this proven exercise will be to show students how they can interact with people at different levels of an organization, and contribute to the conversation about a variety of topics.

The Scholar Practitioner Leader as a Communicator

Associate Dean of Instruction, Dr. Herman van Niekerk, discusses the importance of communications skills in the Scholar-Practitioner-Leader model.


On June 27, 2016, talented Central Valley faculty from the College of Humanities and Sciences and the College of Social Sciences presented GIFTS--Great Ideas For Teaching Students. Presentation of GIFTS offers faculty an opportunity to share a successful classroom activity and the scholarship underlying said activity. In just a couple of pages, the faculty presenter explains the activity and provides a summary of the scholarly theory on which the learning activity is based, complete with references.



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