Boyer's Model

Boyer's Model

Scholarly activites to meet faculty schoalrship requirements.


Scholarship of Integration

"Integration is the disciplined work that makes connections among isolated works and fields, placing facts into context, interprets, and draws new insight into research." – Boyer, 1990

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

"Teaching begins with what the teacher knows. Teachers must be well informed.  It continues by educating and enticing students through transmitting knowledge as well as transforming and extending it."  -Boyer, 1990

Scholarship of Application

"Service activities must be tied directly to one's special field of knowledge and relate to, and flow directly out of, this professional activity. Such service is serious, demanding work, requiting the rigor--and the accountability...In application activities, theory and practice vitally interact, and one renews the other."  - Ernest Boyer, 1990

Identifying Scholarship

The term scholarship is applied to distinct and interrelated concepts, such as scholarly skills, engagement, activities, processes, or outcomes.   Each of these applications merits discussion.  Here we will focus on what scholarship is, as a measurable outcome. Below are common criteria and skills used to demonstrate if work aligns to a scholarship outcome.  These were compiled from the sources listed at the bottom of this page. 

Boyer’s Series: How the Domains Grow Your Scholarship

In the last of the three-part Boyer’s Series, we reflect on how to integrate the Boyer’s model into your research and scholarship agenda and grow your professional development.

Boyer’s Series: Identifying Scholarship in Action

In this second in the series on Boyer’s Model of Scholarship learn about what ongoing scholarship means to universities and faculty and how the scholarship activities faculty engage in align with the four domains.

Boyer’s Series: Introduction to Boyer’s Model

In the first of a series on Boyer’s Model of Scholarship in SAS, we present the importance of understanding Boyer’s Model for SAS Faculty and a brief review of Boyer’s Domains of Scholarship.


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