CPRE Guiding Questions and Themes from AERA 2018

The following statement and questions are taken directly or modified from the AERA 2018 Annual Meeting Call for Proposals.

Focus Question 8

The current teacher shortages across the U.S. suggest that the profession of teaching has become a different and possibly less desirable profession than it was in the past.  How can we account for this phenomenon?  What are potential remedies?

Focus Question 10

How do legal and judicial issues in the United States and/or other countries shape educational policy and practice?  What are their consequences for equity and access?

Focus Question 12

What are the implications of the Common Core State Standards for students, teachers, leaders, and classrooms?

Focus Question 13

What are the intended and unintended consequences of these policies for students of color, children from low-income backgrounds, English learners, immigrants, LGBTQIA students, and other student groups?

Focus Question 14

Considering both the United States and/or other countries, what are the implications and effects of school choice, including charter schools, vouchers, private schools, tuition tax credits, homeschooling, and other means of providing students and parents with alternatives to traditional schooling options? 

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