Increasing Student Engagement and Participation through Course Methodology


Educators have been criticized for limited resources in building capacity for continued growth through reflective learning (Demirbulak, 2012). A large number of educational institutions concentrate on acquiring formal knowledge of the subject matter excessively (Kagan 1993); with theory being overstated and the practical realities of the classroom not being effectively addressed. There are a number of factors to increase student engagement in the classroom. It is also important to organize the environment in which adult learners learn eagerly (Günüç & Kuzu, 2014a). Two commonly used methodologies are pedagogy and andragogy. This chapter investigates the different methodologies found to be most effective with adult learners. The chapter will consist of the following sections: background; issues controversies, and problems; solutions and recommendation; future research directions; and finally the conclusion. This will enhance the field of education and course methodology and its influences on all aspects of modern educational institutions and society in general.

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Book Chapter
Dr. Donna Hawkins
Dr. D. Isreal Lee
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Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology
IGI Global
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Saturday, July 1, 2017
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Hershey, PA
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M. Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Ed.),
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