Differences in nursing faculty satisfaction teaching online: A comparative descriptive study


Background: Many students today desire an education that can be completed without attending traditional classroom settings.  Nursing administrators are responding by increasing the number of online course offerings, which has resulted in more nursing faculty asked to transition coursework from traditional to online classes, often without support. 

Method: The sample for this quantitative descriptive comparative study included nursing faculty from 15 randomly selected states to participate in an online survey which produced 185 completed surveys for analysis. 

Results: Satisfaction was significantly higher in nursing faculty who taught 20 or more courses online compared to those who taught five or less.  Satisfaction was significantly higher for faculty who received mentoring, release time, technical support for software, hardware, the Learning Management System (LMS), and who received training for the LMS, compared to faculty who did not. 

Conclusion: Results offer administrators valuable evidence that support services are important to increase overall satisfaction teaching online.

Keywords: teaching nursing online; nursing faculty satisfaction; mentoring; nursing faculty support: technical support


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Journal Article
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Journal of Nursing Education
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