Development and testing of a tailored interactive DVD to promote mammography adherence


The purpose of this paper is to report on the development and testing of a tailored interactive DVD to promote mammography adherence. Using the Health Belief Model's barriers and benefits constructs identified from previous research, a tailored interactive DVD was developed by the researchers and an experienced professional multimedia firm to promote breast cancer screening. The DVDs usability was evaluated by assessing ease of use, content (leveling and appropriateness), aesthetic appeal, and cultural relevance through focus groups and individual telephone interviews. Before participating in the evaluation process, each participant individually viewed the tailored interactive DVD to experience its content, look, and feel. A total of 13 women, ten Caucasian and three African American, who ranged from 40 to 65, evaluated the experiential user interface of the DVD. The responses of participants and the content experts guided fine-tuning of the narrative and program operation. Interactive tailored media is new innovative approach to deliver health teaching messages. The National Cancer Institute's Breast Cancer Progress Review Group encouraged effective use of new information technologies to reach large population segments with educational messages facilitating breast cancer screening. The recent literature supports the use of interactive computerized programs as a medium for tailored health promotion interventions to allow individuals to use the program's information in accordance with their individual needs and interests. By providing computerized interaction, these programs do not require an educator or counselor, they allow for private and consistent information delivery, and they require only minimal reading ability. Development of tailored interactive media is costly and labor intensive; however, its utility as an effective intervention strategy may be beneficial and is currently being tested in a multi-site clinical trial. Overall the women found the DVD was easy to use with clear and readable graphs, provided meaningful information, and was believable and understandable. Based on user input, women recommended revisions to the DVD that included realism related to the actresses' role functions and personal histories, adding additional positive reinforcement for women with limited barriers to mammography, and suggestions to enhance flow and resonance. 

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Steele, S. K., Champion, V.L., Skinner, C.S., & Russell, K. M.
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Oncology Nursing Forum
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