Analyzing and promoting issues in health policy Nurse manager’s perspective.

* Since nurses hold a unique perspective and pivotal role in health care delivery, they have the opportunity to have a notable impact on policy through their nearly 2.7 million voices.

* Patient and professional advocacy are clearly needed now with such vivid threats to health care delivery as patient safety and RN scarcity.

* The Policy Analysis Model (PAM) is described as a cognitive framework for health policy analysis.

* The PAM was developed as a tool for nurse managers to wrestle with emerging policy issues through the identification of various forces at play.

* The steps in the PAM include identification of: problems; social factors; financial ethical/legal, and political constraints; and policy alternatives, objectives, and evaluation of options.

* Nurse managers can utilize this framework as a way to educate and involve their staff as a vehicle for individual professional development, as well as local, regional, or national change.

* Several policy Web sites are offered as resources for identifying issues affecting nursing.

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