Compendium of Renaissance Drama

An exhaustive database for the study of Renaissance drama.


The illustrated CORD database contains over five million words. It treats every play from the English stage that was performed between 1486 and 1642. Included in its fully interlinked features are: playhouse, playing company, and playwright timelines; information about the British monarchy; character prosopography of all characters mentioned or appearing in the included plays;  a dictionary of place names mentioned in the dramas; interactive maps; and searchable lists of plays and persons. 

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Corrigan, B.
Castaldo, A.
Kahan, J.
Kathman, D.
Mulder, S.
Nicol, D.
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Compendium of Renaissance Drama
University of North Georgia
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Saturday, April 23, 2016
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Corrigan, B. General Editor
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