Is it Broken or Did You Forget to Read the Directions? (Quitting vs. Failure)


In business organizations, it seems to me that the prevailing thought is one of two extremes-- “don’t fear failure” or “fear failure”.  What creates such a difference?  It’s the lacking definition.  And that to me is concerning when considering the immensely negative value that we largely have assigned to the word “failure”.  Gartner Financial Services found that organizational cultures which don’t accept mistakes, which don’t seek outside help, or refuse to change-- stop innovating. 

The real failure here is the ability to look at a process or a group of people and refuse to accept mistakes, to refuse help—that is the equivalent of walking away—or quitting....I suggest instead we learn from the mistakes to make future gains.  

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Scott McCalla
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Saturday, March 11, 2017
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Annual Meeting
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Oklahoma City, OK 73121
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