Reasons to Get Involved in the SAS Alumni Special Interest Group and Other Alumni Groups at University of Phoenix

Reasons to Get Involved in the SAS Alumni Special Interest Group and Other Alumni Groups at University of Phoenix

Over the course of the last four, five, six or more years you have been working nonstop to complete your degree. The late hours and persistence made earning your terminal degree, without terminating, and exhilarating accomplishment.

Now what? There is a void in your schedule, time on your hands, and a sense of loneliness.

During your doctoral journey, you developed close relationships with your cohort; individuals you could call, text, Skype, Zoom, and email any hour of the day. Yet, they are no longer part of your daily life or your life at all. Maybe you see them on Facebook or LinkedIn, but have you really reconnected?

What about your dissertation chair and committee? If you were lucky, your chair and committee members stuck with you for the duration, never giving up, cheering you on. Yet, you have completed your degree and moved on and still wondering how your committee is doing? Did you ever say thank you?

Then there is the writing, the research, the proofreading, more research and writing, the assignments turned in for each class, the dissertation proposal, QRM, change matrices, QRF, the oral defense, and the ultimate prize, the completion of your dissertation study.

Do you wonder if you can ever write another scholarly paper or have something of importance to say, that voice which must be heard?

If you have questioned what the next step is or if the journey ever ends, then consider becoming involved in the SAS Alumni Special Interest Group.

The reasons to become involved in can vary and be as different as the people who participate. Here are some reasons you may consider becoming involved.

Advancing your Personal Scholarship

The completion of dissertation study is a momentous occasion. Now you wonder, what I can do with my study? Remember those recommendations for further research? Would you like to start the next chapter or two of that book you have been thinking about, write an article, and have your work published. Would you like to get your name out there? But how? Joining alumni who share common research interests can help steer you in the right direction and jump start your publishing career.

Many of the research hubs have special interest groups who are conducting ongoing research. Once you express interest, you will be matched with others to form a research team with the express goal of publishing and presenting their findings.

Fellow alumni and your new team members will have various levels of publishing and presenting expertise and can assist you in exploring new avenues of conducting team and/or personal research.

Workshops are offered monthly to further sharpen your research skills. If you are interested in publishing your dissertation study, consider participating in the Dissertation to Publication workshop.


Networking is more than connecting with fellow alumni via social media. Networking is one of the main reasons individuals join an alumni association. An alumni association prides itself in supporting a network of former graduates who will help raise the profile of the university.

In March 2018, the University of Phoenix graduated its one millionth student. Yes, there are 1,000,000 Phoenixes rising and counting.  

The goal of networking is to bring together like-minded individuals, rub shoulders either in person or virtually, and develop relationships. These relationships can help individuals find a new job, remember the red socks campaign, help welcome a family who has relocated into a new community, or develop friendships based on common interests.

Giving Back/Volunteer Opportunities

As alumni there are numerous ways in which you can give back to the university. University of Phoenix alumni work for the university in various capacities:  as faculty members, as mentors for students, or by serving as a resource for new students. Additionally, alumni volunteer in the communities in which they live and work. Here is your chance to interact with alumni who hail from diverse backgrounds and degree programs while sharing their University of Phoenix spirit. The best way to get involved is to join the SAS Alumni Special interest Group or to connect with the local chapter of the Alumni Association for upcoming events.

Staying Informed and Connected

Since the depth and breadth of the University of Phoenix is worldwide, so are our students. The SAS Alumni Special Interest Group and Alumni Association can inform you of local events including job fairs, workshops, and various alumni events. Career opportunities and other networking events are reasons to join. Also, these alumni groups can keep you up to date on news about the university and ongoing research via the website and the university publication, Phoenix Focus.

Helping Other Doctoral Students

Do you want to share your experiences, be a sounding board, offer a new perspective, or mentor a doctoral student who has just begun their journey? The University of Phoenix offers a way to get involved via the mentoring program. Not only is this an opportunity for you to give back, but also stay connected and make a difference.

Who knows, you might just reconnect with someone who has the same questions as you or wants to get involved.

If you are looking for a way to reconnect with those with whom you have shared your doctoral journey, consider joining the SAS Alumni Special Interest Group, the SAS Research Hub, or the Alumni Association via .


Sandra Nunn's picture Sandra Nunn | June 27, 2018 12:17 pm MST

Being a University of Phoenix alumni opens the door for many opportunities to get involved and network with so many people from different backgrounds, walks of life, and experiences.  I have found that, as a graduate of University of Phoenix, I have truly been able to connect with so many amazing people throughout the University of Phoenix family.  These connections not only have resulted in positive contacts with peers but also opened doors of opportunity to work and collaborate with many fellow researchers and scholars.  I encourage everyone to take advantage of these opportunities and expand your circle of friends, alumni, and professional colleagues through everything University of Phoenix has to offer.

Dr. Sandra G. Nunn

Associate Faculty / Research Fellow

University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies