Market Research – Reproductive Health

Market Research – Reproductive Health


September 1, 1998 to April 30, 2002


Scholarly Activity Role: 
Organization Name: 
Serono Laboratories Inc., Rockland, Massachusetts
Role or Title within the Organization: 
Director, Market Research – Reproductive

·        Evaluated key strategies and tactics through qualitative and quantitative research in the US and international markets for fertility products with $600MM in revenues

·        Successfully completed market and competitive analysis in the launch of $200MM Gonal-f  Multidose vial with recommendations for  positioning, targeted messages, as well as promotional and pricing strategies in the US and four European countries – Germany,  France, Italy and Spain

·        Conducted international studies to determine the acceptance of new injectable devices by patients, doctors and nurses with a market potential of $220MM  a year

·        Planned and executed international message tracking study in 14 countries.

·        Recommended positioning, key messages, promotional programs, detail aids and marketing programs for fertility drugs

·        Handled a market research budget of $ 1.2 to $2.5MM a year to support domestic and international decisions

·        Lead cross-functional teams process with representatives from Sales,  Marketing, Medical and Clinical, Regulatory, Supply Chains to evaluate  new products in the reproductive market which included products for down regulations, stimulation, ovulation and endometrial preparation for transfer of embryos, this was done for the US and global markets

·        Provided key insights on competitive research and marketing strategies through SWOT Analysis with domestic an international team members from sales, marketing, clinical and regulatory as well as key inputs from KOLs