Business Analytics

Business Analytics


November 30, 2008 to November 30, 2016


Scholarly Activity Role: 
Organization Name: 
PDL BioPharma, Edison, New Jersey
Role or Title within the Organization: 
Business Analytics

·        Conducted qualitative and quantitative market research to support key decisions for the launch of Cardene IV Premix bag

·        Identified and prioritized international opportunities for IV Busulfex through analysis of Global IMS database and inputs from International distributors

·        Evaluated Cardene IV creative concepts, messages and positioning through market research with cardiologists and neurologists

·        Evaluated  Speaker Programs with a $5MM annual budget through marker research and ROI analysis

·        Conducted packaging research for IV Busulfex vial, Cardene IV Premix bag and Retavase Kit.

·        Recommended life cycle extensions through  market research surveys  and  conducted portfolio analysis for IV antihypertensive, thrombolytics and bone marrow conditioning agents which had a potential of $ 100 to $120MM a year

·        Consistently provided  strategic and tactical decisions though planning, designing primary research for new and commercial products including new product launches, positioning and message testing, ATU studies and pricing evaluations ; research on pipeline and new products.

·        Proactively assessed and monitored competitive information and on a regular basis and communicated insights and intelligence on competitive marketing, research and business strategies. Facilitated SWOT and War Games with cross functional teams comprising of Key Opinion Leaders, Sales, Marketing, Medical, Regulatory, Research, New Products Planning and Business Development for commercial and new products.

·        Provided business analytic insights, competitive impact and forecast scenarios for decisions related to launch of new Premix formulation of Cardene with annual revenues of $ 200MM a year

·        Provided key insights with market analytics, pricing and packaging research in the launch of IV Busulfex vial

·        Provided pricing recommendation for Retavase and Cardene IV through pricing studies

·        Recommended life cycle extension for IV antihypertensive, thrombolytic and bone marrow conditioning agents

·        Provided market and competitive intelligence by designing and implementing a database to incorporate Sales, Marketing and Competitive Intelligence information