Group Leader, SAS Alumni Special Interest Group

Group Leader, SAS Alumni Special Interest Group


October 18, 2017


Activity is Ongoing
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SAS Alumni Special Interest Group
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Group Leader

Dedicated to providing School of Advanced Studies (SAS) Alumni Scholarly Advancement, Professional Development, and networking opportunities for alumni of the School of Advanced Studies, this platform provides an additional outlet to exchange knowledge, skills, and abilities utilizing the guidance of fellow UOPX alumni, faculty, and researchers in both professional and social settings. This group works across various Research Centers, and in concert with the Knowledge Without Boundaries Academy (KWBA), the UOPX alumni association, and SAS to: promote, enhance, and develop the University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies doctoral-level alumni connections, community, networking, and research opportunities.  Key programs include:  selection of Research Fellows and respective teams to run research projects on behalf of the SAS Alumni Special Interest Group with the ultimate goal of publishing and presenting research, monthly webinars featuring success stories of successful doctoral alumni from University of Phoenix, publishing of blogs and news stories regarding the SAS Alumni Special Interest Group, and involvement in other university-based events such as the Knowledge Without Boundaries.