Being an African Student: Stories of Opportunities and Determination

This book explores the lived experiences of African students in the US. It confronts the question, what is it like for Africans to detach from their heritage and home, and become students in the US? It was written with the hope that it would make curricula more effective and attentive to the needs of African and othe international students. Also, it is hoped that readers will see the connection bewteen their own life stories, the life stories of the students, and larger stories of culture and humanity. 


This book is based on the doctoral dissertation of the author. It is a phenomenological exploration of what it means to be an African student in the US. Using his persoanl experience plus the lived experience of 11 other African students, the author examined the phenomenon of being an African student in the US with the aim of understanding what the experience is like and how the experience couled be facilitated for the students' optimal success.

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Samson Omotosho
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Being an African Student: Stories of Opportunities and Determination
University Press of America
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Saturday, February 19, 2005
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