Workplace Bullying in K-12 Schools: A Qualitative Study with Mental Health Considerations

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Bullying behaviors in the workplace are marked by repeated events of intimidation that creates a pattern of humiliation and fear in the victim.  School staff are not immune to this behavior and adult workplace bullying takes place in K-12 schools. Educators experience personal and professional repercussions when confronted with bullying experiences by other educators or educational administrators. This qualitative study demonstrates the breadth of the issue and emphasizes the role of a school psychologist in the wake of the potential ethical challenges that present when a staff member reports he/she is being bullied.  Additionally, other involvement remedies include responsible contributions toward policy changes and mental health innovations that also address the adult population in a school or district.

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Journal Article
Ronda Gregg, Cheryl Burleigh
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School Psychology Review
National Association of School Psychologists
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Dr. Kathleen Frayser
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