IEP Goals, Accommodations and Behavioral Strategies for Paraprofessionals

This was my third year doing three days of staff development for paraprofessionals in the school district.  Each day was 7 hours of activities and learning, which I planned.  The activities include a power point, which I shared with all participants each day, hands-on activities that were both utilizing technology and using other hands-on materials, as well as collaborative/cooperative activities.  The purpose was to inform, teach and give practice to the paraprofessionals so that they could be more proficient in working with at-risk and disabled students as well as implementing plans of students under the direction of a certified staff member.

Conval School District, Peterborough, New Hampshire
Ronda Gregg
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016
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Staff Development for School District
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Peterborough, NH
United States