Dissertation or Disastertation: Overcoming the Barriers to Doctoral Success

A book regarding dissertation writing, format, and success.


Earning a doctorate is an arduous process. Research and data reveals that the vast majority of doctoral schools experience less than a 50% graduation rate. In other words, about half of all doctoral students never complete their dissertation, thus never are awarded a degree. Why do so many students give up? Why do so many people begin with all intentions of working long and hard, spend the money, and yet drop out? For some students, the academic rigor of the program is simply too difficult, yet we tend to believe the primary reasons for the high drop-out rate is a lack of understanding how to effectively and efficiently navigate the myriad of steps, overcome the barriers, problems, and challenges, and stay focused on the end prize. Throughout this book, we will offer you our insights into the process of successfully dodging many of the pitfalls, navigating the review process, maintaining control of your writing as well of your emotional and mental state, staying objective, and learning how to use all the available resources. Do we cover each and every minute facet of your specific doctoral program? No, yet because the dissertation completion process is similar across the vast majority of schools, we believe grasping the included concepts will provide you with additional information, motivation, and inspiration to overcome the barriers to success.

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Ronald C. Jones
Elwin L. Jones
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Dissertation or Disastertation: Overcoming the Barriers to Doctoral Success
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Monday, February 9, 2015
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