Chapter 5: How education supports entrepreneurial empowerment. In Ecosystems and Entrepreneurial Empowerment M.R. Clevenger & W-P Fortunato (Eds.) Ecosystems and Entrepreneurial Empowerment. New York, NY: Routledge

This publication is Chapter 5 in Ecosystems and Entrepreneurial Empowerment.  Clevenger, Morgan and Fortunato, Michael W-P (Eds).  This has been accepted for publication in 2020.


Educational initiatives such as career technical education have stimulated entrepreneurship in China, Nigeria, and Brazil.  Expanding career technical education programs in the United States may reduce high school dropout rates and improve individual, institutional, and national productivity.  This chapter focuses on innovative approaches to promote career technical education and entrepreneurial empowerment for implementation by social, economic, political, and academic thought leaders.

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Book Chapter
Underdahl, L., Leach, R., Isele, E., Knight, M., Krueger, N.,& Perlman, J.
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Ecosystems and Entrepreneurial Empowerment
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Friday, May 15, 2020
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Taylor & Francis New York, NY
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Clevenger, Morgan and Fortunato, Michael W-P (Eds).
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