Promoting Senior Entrepreneurs

Lueberg University in Lueberg Germany
Underdahl, L. Leach, R., Knight, M., & Heuss, R.
Presentation Date: 
Thursday, January 19, 2017
Event or Conference: 
7th Leuphana Conference on Entrepreneurship
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Paper Presentation
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Theorists and policymakers have traditionally viewed increasing numbers of retirees as a disastrous onus wreaking economic havoc, draining social security resources, and bankrupting financial reserves. In contrast, contemporary theorists portray individuals over the age of 50 as economic assets and advocate aggressive strategies to promote senior entrepreneurs’ valuable contributions to the workforce. Analysts confirm the importance of developing reliable data on the diverse paths to entrepreneurial success to stimulate development of potential senior entrepreneurs. The purpose of this conceptual study is to review innovative approaches to promoting senior entrepreneurs, propose a research model, and delineate propositions on interventions that may optimize success.