Catalyzing cross-generational entrepreneurship to foster economic growth, employ youth, and optimize retirees’ experience

George Washington University
Underdah, L. Isele, E. Leach, R., Knight, M. & Heuss, R.
Presentation Date: 
Sunday, March 5, 2017
Event or Conference: 
ICIE 6th International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2018
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Paper Presentation
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Washington D.C, DC 20001
United States
This presentation was co-authored with University of Phoenix faculty colleagues.
Global demographic and economic trends reflect increasing numbers of unemployed youth and potential retirees. Perspective determines whether these data present problems or opportunities. Transforming challenges into achievements is predicated on capacity to see the world differently and visualize solutions to situations. Relevant, results-oriented school curricula aligned with industry needs enhance employability. Matching thematic interests of youth with thematic experiences of 55+ individuals creates reciprocal learning circles and develops social capital. The purpose of this conceptual study is to explore strategies for operationalizing intergenerational entrepreneurship through the lens of career technical education and propose a model to foster economic growth, reduce youth unemployment, and utilize retirees.